Wellness Strategy Development

Customized solutions for culture change.

Integrating wellness into a company can be a complex process and requires support from top to bottom. Taking into consideration budget, employee health status and employee interest are just a few of the factors that impact engagement and Return on Investment (ROI).

Our expert professionals have over a decade of experience in developing wellness strategies that can significantly impact your bottom line in a very short period of time. We can power employers and providers with any of the following solutions to meet your wellness needs:

  • Healthy Us Scorecard
  • Biometrics and Health Risk Assessments
  • Risk reduction education classes
  • Data collection and claims assessment
  • Fitness center management
  • Individualized exercise prescription
  • Health Coaching (1:1 or group)
  • Technology integration (physical activity trackers and stress/recovery assessments)

*service delivery can be on-site, by telephone, or webinar

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The Healthy Us Scorecard

Healthy Us ScorecardIn partnership with MCD Public Health, our development strategy begins with a customizable scorecard that assesses how well your workplace supports healthy living. We create a strategic work plan to support your goals and improve your score. We then review the resources that you need to execute a successful wellness plan.

(source: Healthy Us Scorecard)

Biometrics and HRA

Knowing the health status of your employees is crucial to integrating meaningful solutions. Our company can provide you with a customizable Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and comprehensive biometric screening either on or off site. This data will be compiled and integrated within our wellness strategy development to support a comprehensive approach to wellness.

Our biometric and HRA screening services not only help you as the employer understand more about the health of your employees, but our predictive modeling approach helps us to isolate risk before it even begins. This preventative approach to wellness is key to keeping the healthy healthy, and migrating the rest of your population.

Risk reduction education

Knowledge is power and we are not afraid to talk physiology, biochemistry, and behavior because this content finally makes everything come together in a way helps every participant feel empowered to change. We can provide education from existing lectures or create a lecture just for you. Contact us to request a list of educational topics available.

Data analysis and claims

What you do with your data is crucial to your bottom line as it guides the decision making process. From designing your health plan, to assessing return on investment, any wellness dollar spent should be returned to you three fold!  If you are paying a company to provide you data but are left not knowing what to do as an intervention, than you need us. We have partnered with some of the best organizations in the country and are confident we can help you to guide your decisions in the most cost effective way possible.

Fitness center management

Providing an onsite fitness center can be a great way to invest in wellness for your employees. Although convenient, many times these spaces remain underutilized, particularly by the population that needs them the most. Insecurity about what to do in the gym or fear of exercising around their colleagues can be a barrier for many. Utilizing our staff to manage your center and create a culture of Safety in the space can have a tremendous impact on engagement.

Our solutions to address the unique needs of every employee, whether a marathon runner or a diabetic, will certainly impact not only your culture but your bottom line. Activity during the work day leads to increased presence, productivity, and positive work environment.

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Health Coaching

We facilitate a client centered health coaching approach where our coaches work personally as an ally empowering each individual to achieve their goals and overcome barriers in all aspects of health and wellness.

Our certified coaches apply their knowledge and skills to help activate internal strengths and external resources for lifelong change. This is far less about focusing on weight loss and diet and way more about happiness and balance. Coupled perfectly with our high touch interventions, our coaches are an integral part of the care team and follow a 360 Wellness Mapping approach to address all areas of one’s life.


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