What do we do?

We power you with technology to optimize client engagement.

Data Collection

We provide a data collection platform that is easy to use and delivers analytics about the impact of your services.


We integrate cutting edge technologies making information accessible all in one place for you and your clients.


We provide ongoing education to ensure the delivery of clinical best practices and collection of reliable and valid data.

Our Company

Universal Medical Technology (“UMEDTech”) is a company that develops and integrates data collection processes and technology to support the prevention and management of chronic diseases. We are building a network of evidence based providers dedicated to the integration of healthcare across all provider boundaries.We provide a platform that collects and analyzes data to report on any of the following items (not an exhaustive list):

  • Engagement
  • Quality of Life
  • Readiness for Change
  • Biometric Health Markers
  • Healthcare Utilization/Cost of Care

Our customers

UMEDTech serves a variety of customers from hospitals, to physical therapists, to fitness centers. Despite the diversity of our customer base, we have a singular goal: To power you with solutions that are proven to support healthier, more engaged clients.  We begin by developing a customized plan to help you achieve your vision.

We help you

  • Collect data
  • Track outcomes
  • Engage your clients
  • Coordinate their care

We provide

  • Technology
  • Staff Education
  • Business Analytics Support
  • Marketing/Lead Generation

Solutions for

  • Healthcare providers
  • Fitness Centers
  • High schools
  • Academic Institutions